Ding ‘Refer a Friend’ scheme


Ding is an international mobile top-up service, allowing people to send phone credit to any number anywhere in the world.


In 2021 Ding wanted to introduce a Refer A Friend (RAF) programme on their website and native app. This would require a UI for the RAF sender and a landing page for the receiver (the ‘friend’).


The RAF programme was trialed in 2017 (prior to my joining Ding) but had low engagement. In 2021, the idea was resurrected and I was tasked with designing a simple, clear UI for both sender and receiver.


UI Design | UX Design | Prototyping


Figma | Atlassian | WAVE | Adobe AfterEffects | LottieFiles |

Research and Discovery

I examined the RAF programmes of other brands. I also examined Ding’s previous RAF project. I then created wireframes and ran online user tests, exploring how best to structure the user experience.

User Research

I conducted user tests of wireframes to ensure that customers understood the referral process.

Competitor Analysis

I researched ‘Refer a friend’ schemes to establish best practices and industry trends.

Design Solutions

Based on the research insights, I developed solutions that addressed the identified challenges and met user needs. I explored both the sender’s experience and the recipient’s. The following design solutions were implemented.

Sender-side UI

I added the Refer a Friend page to the customer’s My Account section in both the app and web. I followed Ding’s branding so it seamlessly fitted into the overall experience.

Animated progress indicator

Customers need to make 2 purchases with Ding prior to ‘unlocking’ the RAF feature (as a way of reducing fraudulent activity). I represented this with the Ding asterisk symbol ‘filling up’ with each purchase. I animated this in Adobe AfterEffects and converted it to lightweight Javascript using LottieFiles.

Receiver-side landing page

I created a new landing page for recipients of the RAF link. Recipients may not have heard of Ding, so the landing page had to quickly explain who Ding are, as well as explain the nature of the RAF offer.

I included Ding’s Trustpilot score above the fold (and directly under the CTA).  I also included user reviews.