Irish Life financial services app


Irish Life is a financial services company founded in 1939. I joined a cross-functional team in 2021 as Lead Product Designer on the ‘MyIrishLife’ project, a portal aimed at collating all of a customer’s Irish Life policies in one convenient space.


Irish Life’s various products (heath insurance, pension, etc) all had independent customer portals, developed at various times over the previous two decades. The goal was to design a portal that brought all these products together under one roof, and allow both new and existing customers to self-service their policies.


Create a mobile-first ‘MyIrishLife’ web portal, based on research and best practices in accessibility and design. The design needed to be visually appealing, responsive across devices, and aligned with the company’s brand identity.


UI Design | UX Design | Prototyping | Design system design lead


Figma | Atlassian | WAVE | Google Lighthouse | Zeroheight | Storybook

Research and Discovery

To kick off the design process, the team and I conducted extensive research and discovery activities, including:

Stakeholder Interviews

I interviewed key stakeholders at MyIrishLife to understand the company’s goals, vision, and target audience. I also gathered insights about existing pain points and customer feedback.

User Research

I conducted user surveys, interviews, and usability tests to gain a deep understanding of the customers’ needs, expectations, and pain points on Irish Life’s legacy portals.

Competitor Analysis

A thorough analysis of competitor customer portals was performed to identify best practices, industry trends, and areas for differentiation.

Information Architecture

I created an information architecture that organized the portal’s content and features in a logical and user-centric manner. I identified the primary navigation structure and identified key touchpoints within the customer journey.

Design Solutions

Based on the research insights, I developed solutions that addressed the identified challenges and met user needs. The following design solutions were implemented:

1. User-centric product dashboards

I designed the dashboards to provide customers with a comprehensive overview of their policies, claims, and other relevant information. It included personalized widgets and cards displaying key metrics, educational pieces, and policy details.

2. Intuitive navigation

I implemented a simple and intuitive navigation system, allowing customers to easily access different sections of the portal. A hamburger menu on mobile and tablet provided quick access to core features, while a sidebar navigation allowed for exploration on desktop.

3. Responsive design

I designed the portal to be responsive and accessible across various devices, including smartphones, desktops and tablets. I ensured that the interface adapted seamlessly to different screen sizes, optimizing the user experience on each device.

4. Seamless self-service

The design emphasized self-service capabilities, enabling customers to perform tasks such as policy management, claims submission, and document downloads without the need for customer care assistance. Clear and actionable prompts guided users through complex processes, reducing friction.

5. Visual design and branding

I ensured that the visual design of the portal aligned with Irish Life’s brand identity, employing a clean and modern aesthetic. The color palette, typography, and imagery conveyed trust, reliability, and professionalism. I incorporated all these into the Design System, which allowed for consistency across the entire project.

6. Designing for Accessibility

I ensured that the portal adhered to WCAG’s accessibility standards, making it inclusive and usable for people with disabilities. I implemented features like alt text for images, keyboard navigation support, and color contrast enhancements.